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As you are aware arya Samaj Gandhidham is the most active arya Samaj and we are running Jeevan Prabhat (Gandhidham & Pondicherry) a home for the underprivileged children. With a view of providing better education to the children of this area we have now started " Dayanand Arya Vedic Public School" from 15th June 2009. At present the school has Nursery, Kindergarten and First Standard. New classes will be started every year to reach 12th Standard.

One wing of the School building has been completed and the construction of the remaining two wings now remains. The School is being constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 4.5 Crores/USD One Million. We request you to help for the construction of the school in the following manner so that we are able to build a very good school which will shine like a sun in the sky of Kandla Complex and just like Jeevan Prabhat be a model school.

You can become one of the following type of member and help us. The names of all the members will be displayed on a marble plaque and also admission preference will be given to members.

Founder Member Rs. 11 Lakhs
Patron Rs. 05 Lakhs
Life Member Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Member Rs. 01 Lakhs

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The historical earthquake of 2001 has left a permanent destructive mark on Kutch-Gujarat.

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You are always Welcome to Jeevan Prabhat The main aim of Arya Samaj is the upliftment of children and women.
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