Clean Gandhidham Drive

Gandhidham is a fast developing town. The population of Gandhidham is around 3.5 Lacs, and the people of Gandhidham are from all parts of India i.e. Gandhidham is a multi cultural township. With Developemnt have come various problems, Cleanliness being the main one.

Mr. Vish Sood who is an engineer and has settled in Canada since the past 40 years, once visited India and went to see the Tajmahal. He was surprised that this wonder of the world had less visitors than Effiel Tower. Then when he looked around he saw that the surroundings were very dirty. Since then he has made it his mission to clean India.

Recently he visited Jeevan Prabhat and when he saw that Gandhidham despite being a modern city was very dirty, he inspired the children of Jeevan Prabhat and cleaned up the surroundng area of Jeevan Prabhat. Arya Samaj has also joined hands with him and under his guiadiance has launched a "CLEAN GANDHIDHAM DRIVE". A rally was organised and flyers distributed to educate the people about the benefits of cleanliness.

Click here to view the photos of the drive

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