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People have built stone & metallic monuments, but we are building the lives of these live monuments in the memory of the earthquake of 26th January 2001.

We are thankful to ALMIGHTY GOD for having blessed us with a chance of rearing these orphans children as our own children-Child Charity Help. Presently these children feel "JEEVAN PRABHAT" no less than their own home. Here they are being nurtured with immense parental love, affection, proper nutritious diet, freedom to play & relax, strict discipline so that they grow up as good citizens and a lifestyle full of Vedic Culture. The earthquake has proved a boon for these children.

The Tradition

Since its inception Arya Samaj has a tradition of promoting educational & social development in all walks of life. Orphanages & Old Age Homes are in keeping with this tradition. Over 150 orphanages are being successfully run by Arya Samaj all over the world. In Gandhidham we are following the path shown by Rishi Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj.

The Inception

Orphaned children were brought to Arya Samaj Gandhidham soon after the most devastating earthquake of this century, hit this part of our motherland on 26th January, 2001 leaving lakhs of people homeless, thousands dead and hundreds orphans & widows. Looking at the seriousness of the mishap Arya Samaj Gandhidham started a project and aptly named it "JEEVAN PRABHAT" and as the name signifies, it is really a new dawn in the lives of these orphans, who lost their parents, with everything in the earthquake. Now they have totally forgotten the terrible tragedy so cruelly inflicted on them by Mother Nature.

The Support

Looking at our sincerity and dedication Kandla Port Trust ( a central Government body under the Shipping Ministry) allotted two acres of its reserved land at Re. One Token and Hon'ble Ministers of Law and Shipping Shri Arun Jaitely and Shri Vedprakash Goyal and Capt. Deoratna Arya (President - International Aryan League) honoured us by laying the foundation stone of this mega complex on 15th September, 2001.

The Journey Will Never Stop ……

We are going to keep 250 children & 50 widows in "JEEVAN PRABHAT"-child charity. We will shoulder the responsibility of the boys till they are at least 18 years of age & that of the girls till their marriage. Even after they leave "JEEVAN PRABHAT" we will always be there to help them fight the difficulties they come across in life. All this is being done free of cost without distinction of cast & creed.

The Social Return Theory

We do not make any commercial use out of any of our properties. We follow the 100% "social return theory", i.e. whatever online donations received by us are multiplied and returned to the society for the betterment, welfare and upliftment of the downtrodden in the society, in the form of various activities., for orphan children Donations thus received are grown in multiples, and the society in turn is benefited from the donations it has made to Arya Samaj-child charity help.


We express our heart felt gratitude to all those persons, institutions and trusts who have whole heartedly ome forward and helped us for orphan child in this noble cause. We are thankful to all the media person who have given us xtensive coverage which has been a great morale booster for us and our children charity. Society at large is now the parents of these children, we are only their managers. Please visit us at We are sure that we will be able to achieve the difficult goal of nurturing these children which we have taken up. We are very proud to be associated with organizations like India Development & Relief Fund (USA), Radio XL (UK), Pepsi Relief & Rehabitation Trust and Prime Minister's Relief Fund apart from Arya Samajs' all over the world. We hereby cordially invite you to visit Arya Samaj Gandhidham on any day. Our address is "Arya Samaj, Mahrishi Dayanand Marg, Near Zanda Chowk, Gandhidham-Kutch-Pin 370 201 INDIA".

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The historical earthquake of 2001 has left a permanent destructive mark on Kutch-Gujarat.

Child Charity
Child Charities

You are always Welcome to Jeevan Prabhat The main aim of Arya Samaj is the upliftment of children and women.
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