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Aryasamaj Gandhidham is a part of the worldwide organization having more than 8000 branches all over the world and is relentlessly active in social, educational, cultural and spiritual, fields. This is the first ISO 9001:2008 certified Arya Samaj in the world. This shows our dedication to the work we are doing. We are working as NGO in India for Child Charity. Post the devastating Earthquake of 26th January 2001 we have started a Child Charity project namely Jeevan Prabhat which is a home for the earthquake orphans and other underprivileged children. In Jeevan Prabhat we treat the children just like our own children at home and we are rearing them totally free of cost without any distinction of Caste, Creed or Religion. We do not accept anything old or even leftovers for the children.

Gujarat and especially Kutch were struck by a devastating earthquake on 26th January 2001. We wanted to do something for the society and hence we started Jeevan Prabhat for those children who had lost their everything including their most valuable asset Parents. Jeevan Prabhat was set up with the intention to usher in a new dawn in the lives of these children so that they would no longer be orphans but Arya Samaj and the whole society would now be their parents, this is our motto and principal. We are proud to say that we have fulfilled the objective and targets which we had set when we started Jeevan Prabhat on the third day after the earthquake i.e. on 29th January 2001.

Salient features of Jeevan Prabhat :
  • We are rearing these children without the distinction of class, creed or religion. All the children are given same food, clothes and education. On seeing these children you cannot tell their Religion or Caste, or that they are orphans.
  • Just by seeing the faces of these children you can come to know of the happiness in their hearts, this is because these children are never made to wash utensils or clothes or made to clean the premises which is a regular practice in many other orphanages.
  • Only new clothes are given to the children. We do not accept old clothes for them.
  • These children are never served any leftover food from any parties, receptions etc.
  • We celebrate the birthday of each and every child every year. As is the practice in all the local schools these children also distribute chocolates to their classmates. The child is given a new dress as a birthday gift.
  • We have our own Gaushala (dairy) so that the children get pure milk to drink.
  • Each and every child is sent to school. We have also employed six teachers to help the children with their studies after they come back from school. Apart from extra studies and their homework these teachers also keep an eye and help them with their extra-curicular activities.
  • To boost the morale of the children and also their self confidence we never allow them to think of themselves as poor or lesser children.
  • Of the total budget 35% is spent on education and extra-curicular activities.
  • We never ask the school to waive the fees instead we ask donors to sponsor the education of the children.
  • The campus is spread over 4 acres of land and the building has all the amenities and is airy, neat and functional. On entering the premises you will be able to see the handicrafts and paintings made by the children displayed every where. There is also a well maintained garden for the children to play. The premises is approximately one lac sq.feet, constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 8 crores. The complex and the garden have a total of about 400 neem trees and 3000 other plants and trees.
  • There is a computer class, library & reading room, music room, a meditation room, a room for indoor games and also a room for extra-curicular activities and handicrafts.
  • We have all types of staff to take care of the children. On an average there is one staff for every five children.
  • These children take part in many competitions and extra-curicular activities and also win many prizes.
  • There is a fix time table for the children to follow. The children get up at 5.30am and go to sleep at 9pm. Apart from modern education, moral values are also imbibed in them.
  • All the guests visiting the children are given accommodation on the campus so that they can observe the children and be with them continuously during their stay. We have made good air-conditioned rooms for the guests.
  • Jeevan Prabhat is giving employment to 40 people and thus is helping 40 families.
  • The children are given all types of variety food to eat. Year round many parties are organized by different people in the Jeevan Prabhat Complex and the children are also invited to many parties and receptions. No dish or preparation is untasted by them and they do not yearn for any food.
  • The children are taken for small picnics regularly and once a year in May-June they are taken for a 5-6 day picnic.
  • The children are allowed to watch TV for only 45 minutes a day and that too only selected channels.
  • To keep watch on the children we have installed CCTV in the whole campus.
  • The children are reared as industrious and totally disciplined. Apart from book knowledge we are also imbibing in them moral values, making them self confident and making them patriotic.
  • Every organisation issues receipts for the financial donation received by them but we issue receipts even for donations received in kind and also ensure that they are distributed properly to the children.
  • Our whole management is transparent. Daily about 40 types of records are maintained and checked.
  • We have taken the responsibility of the boys till they are able to stand on their own feet and that of the girls till their marriage. Arya Samaj will also bear the responsibility of the marriage of the girls.
  • The children have met many National level personalities and taken their blessings.
  • The I.Q. level of the children is good and they are full of self confidence. We are sure this children will be model citizens of Mother India and bring laurels.

We are all sad that these children are orphans but in case their parents were alive then these children would not have reached the level they have attained after their admission in Jeevan Prabhat. In case we had not taken the responsibility of these children then they would have become loafers and spent their lives doing nothing and may have fallen prey to anti-social elements.

We are rearing these children with definite goals. We all know how difficult it is to rear two children at home. With constant attention and care we are polishing these raw diamonds which is a 24 hour year round work. All the members, office bearers and staff of Arya Samaj have taken up this challenging task of rearing these children. Donors from all over the world are also contributing for the this gigantic task.

We do not take any Government grant nor do we have any fixed-deposits so that we can run on the interest. We are totally dependent on donations. We do not go from house to house asking for donations. The total expenditure of Jeevan Prabhat is more then `. 15000/- per day.

We are heartily grateful to all our donors and pray to you all to continue supporting us by giving us your regular small or big contributions for these children. God has given you the strength and the means so please contribute and help these children. All small and big donations are utilised for the betterment of the lives of these children. We request you to also inspire others to also donate for these children.

We heartily invite you to visit the children and shower your love and blessings on them.

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The historical earthquake of 2001 has left a permanent destructive mark on Kutch-Gujarat.

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You are always Welcome to Jeevan Prabhat The main aim of Arya Samaj is the upliftment of children and women.
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