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Chaman Lal Jeevan Prabhat Scholarship

Bylaws :

  • This scholarship is intended to help those underprivileged children who can not afford to go to further academic or vocational education after the completion of the higher secondary education by their own means
  • Their would be maximum of 5 scholarship in the amount US $ 500 each (Approximately Rs. 25000) each year.
  • This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of merit to the children of Jeevan Prabhat Gandhidham and or Pondicherry
  • The announcement of the scholarship will be made through website and social media as well as posting on the bulletin boards in both locations of Jeevan Prabhat.
  • The scholarship will be awarded strictly on the basis of merit without any consideration of gender, creed or cast.
  • Previous year awardees of this scholarship are equally eligible. The deadline for application will be note on the application but the announcement of these scholarships will be made in a public gathering latest by June 1, each year. The intent is to honour those students who excel in academics as well as provide encouragement to younger students.
  • The donor of this scholarship wants to stay anonymous, however, all the information and the pictures of the award ceremony will be forwarded to him or any other person designated by him promptly.
  • . It is the desire of the donor that the procedure mentioned in these Bylaws should be followed strictly. The donor has the right to withdraw this scholarship any time if these guidelines are not adhered.
  • All scholarships are subject to the final approval of Jeevan Prabhat USA.
Barring any unseen circumstances, it is donor's intention to fund the scholarships during his lifetime.

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The historical earthquake of 2001 has left a permanent destructive mark on Kutch-Gujarat.

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