Whom will they call MAA now?

Whom will they call MAA now ? Humanity will not die as long as you are alive

All children need a Mother. Do you remember your childhood? The way you used to keep your head in your Mothers lap and that loving hand of hers moving through your hair and speaking softly to you. The way she used to stay awake at night when you were sick? Do you remember that visit to the market where you just stood in front of the toy shop and demanded a toy and your father gave in and bought the toy for you? Just think from whom will these children demand like this? Well you were very fortunate and lucky that you had parents who took care of you and made you capable of facing the world.

All are not fortunate like you. The children of "Jeevan Prabhat" who are very lucky in every other way are for that matter very unlucky in this regards. They lost their parents in the devastating earthquake of 26th January 2001. They lost their every thing in the earthquake even their most valuable asset - Their Parents.

At present there are 162 children being reared in "Jeevan Prabhat". We treat them like our own children and are rearing them free of cost without any distinction of caste & creed. The children have now come out of the trauma of the earthquake and are now enjoying their childhood. All they now require is somebody who can give them a Mothers love and affection. And this is where we require your support and help. We are taking care of all their needs but even we cannot provide them with a mother. We therefore request you to visit the children and spend some time with them and shower your love and blessings on them.

"Jeevan Prabhat" is a model Foster Home for the earthquake affected and has changed the way orphans are being reared. This has become possible with your blessings and your constant moral & financial support. But the children are now growing up and with the cost escalation our daily expenses are also increasing. We need huge amount of funds to sustain and also continue rearing the children in the way we are doing at present. This is where we now solicit your continues support. We request you to help us in any of the following ways so that the children can continue to enjoy their childhood and also grow up to be cultured self respecting patriotic citizens of Mother India.

  • You can sponsor a child for only $200/Rs. 12000 per year.  Which is indeed a very small amount but when put together it becomes a substantial sum.
  • You can contribute just $75/Rs. 5100 for one time simple meal to the children and thus celebrate your happy occasions with them. This amount is equivalent to one cup of tea a day. But just think how much brightness it will bring in an underprivileged.
  • You can donate $25/Rs.1100 per year for the upkeep of the cows of "Jeevan Prabhat". We have at present 40 cows so that the children get pure and nutritious milk.
  • You can donate $200/Rs.12000 for the education expenses of a child at the start of the academic year. This includes the expenses for the whole years school fees, school books, school uniform, school shoes and other relevant stationery. The new academic year begins from June and we therefore humbly appeal to you all to contribute for the education of these children.
Knowledge is the best donation and with education these children will become torch bearers of humanity and will be the true patriotic cultured children of Mother India.

We request you to contribute for either of the above and thus join hands with us in gifting them back their childhood.

We are truly grateful and obliged to all the noble persons who are following the doctrine of child charity in India & abroad and donating generously for these children. We are also grateful to all the noble persons who are sponsoring a child and making online donation and other donations for the rearing of these children. We constantly require funds for the rearing of these children as we are an NGO India and are totally dependent on donations and online donations. We do not avail any Government grants and are dependent on child charity.

Please draw Cheque/DD in favour of    “Arya Samaj Gandhidham Charitable Trust"

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The historical earthquake of 2001 has left a permanent destructive mark on Kutch-Gujarat.

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Child Charities

You are always Welcome to Jeevan Prabhat The main aim of Arya Samaj is the upliftment of children and women.
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